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The Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society (CEUS) is a student organization in the Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics. Our purpose is to organize activities to promote a sense of community among the undergraduate students in Civil Engineering. We also work closely with the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill. All undergraduate students automatically become members of the CEUS upon registration in the Civil Engineering program.




Come participate in the variety of events organized by the CEUS!

Fall and Winter Banquet

There are two banquets in a year: Fall and Winter Banquet Banquet. Happening towards the end of the semester, banquet is the time of the year to get your suits and high heels and enjoy fine dining (and wine-ing) with the rest of your favorite civies at one of Montreal's finest restaurants. Fall Banquet is usually followed by an after-party with students of --other Engineering departments. Winter Banquet is a more special occasion, as it involves the announcement of the upcoming year's new Civil Council.

Civil Book Sale

If you're searching for used Civil Engineering textbooks, or if you're looking to sell yours to make some $$$, we have just the platform for you. The Civil Book Sale is online in the form of a Facebook group. Simply make a post describing which books you are looking for and/or selling.


One of CEUS's most popular events, Civil & Sandwiches is a casual event that happens a few times every year. It provides Civil Engineering students with the opportunity to hear industry professionals and/or our very own McGill professors speak about their line of work or field of study. And the sandwiches part? CEUS Provides all attendees with FREE sandwiches every time!


Colloquium happens at the beginning of the academic year and is Perhaps the ultimate Civil event. We hop on a bus with our favorite civies for a weekend get-away out of Montreal. Previous Colloquiums-have taken up in Ottawa, Niagara Falls, and Fredericton. The two main Purposes of educational and social Colloquium are: educational, we go on several industry tours, and social, you get the opportunity to bond with --other civies and form everlasting friendships. This is an event you do not want to miss!

Academic Forum

Academic Forum is a way for all Civil students to get together and discuss ways of improving the Civil Engineering curriculum. Similar to course evaluations, Academic Forum greatly helps to surface both positive and negative feedback about individual courses and instruction techniques. At Academic Forum, you can also suggest updates to course material, useful or interesting additions to the curriculum, or even completely new courses to offer.

U0/U1 Mixer

The U0/U1 Mixer happens at the very beginning of the Fall semester. It is an opportunity for all the new U0 and U1 civies to gather together in the Cive Lounge and socialize over some free food and fun games (read: free ice cream, fooseball games). CEUS Council executives and other older-year students are also present to answer any questions about life in Civil Engineering at McGill.

Concrete Canoe Competition 2015 (2).jpg

Extra Curriculars

Extra Curriculars

Concrete Canoe

The McGill Concrete Canoe team is a design team run by undergraduate students, which competes, in the annual Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition. The challenge is to build a canoe completely out of concrete and then race it at the competition against teams from different Universities across Canada. Team members integrate engineering principles and project management skills to design a canoe that is as strong, light and hydrodynamic as possible. This design team showcases the versatility and utility of concrete as a building material.



Are you interested in making a 1-meter long bridge, only out of popsicle sticks, white glue and floss, that can withstand more than 1000 pounds? In McGill’s Bridge Building Team, we do just that. Every year, schools from around Canada and the United States use their engineering skills to build popsicle-stick bridges and compete against each other in the Troitsky Bridge Building Competition.

For more information on the competition, you can visit the Troitsky website: http://www.troitsky.ecaconcordia.ca/

If you wish to join the team, please email mcgill.bridgebuilding@gmail.com