Want to join a committee within Civil? There are many ! And the Faculty of Engineering at McGill has a wide variety of groups and committees that are always looking for members to join! See below for a few of the many examples of groups ! 


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Are you interested in making a 1-meter long bridge, only out of popsicle sticks, white glue and floss, that can withstand more than 1000 pounds? In McGill’s Bridge Building Team, we do just that. Every year, schools from around Canada and the United States use their engineering skills to build popsicle-stick bridges and compete against each other in the Troitsky Bridge Building Competition.

For more information on the competition, you can visit the Troitsky website:


If you wish to join the team, please email mcgill.bridgebuilding@gmail.com


The McGill Concrete Canoe team is a design team run by undergraduate students, which competes, in the annual Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition. The challenge is to build a canoe completely out of concrete and then race it at the competition against teams from different Universities across Canada. Team members integrate engineering principles and project management skills to design a canoe that is as strong, light and hydrodynamic as possible. This design team showcases the versatility and utility of concrete as a building material.

For more information on the competition, you can visit the McGill concrete canoe website:





EWB is a hub for innovative change makers from all faculties. Check out some of their initiatives below!

Advocacy: Our Advocacy Program has a vision: Canadian and African governments, institutions, and people working in partnership to unlock human potential and accelerate sustainable, inclusive global
development. Reach Rayleigh Lee at ewb.advocacy@eusmcgill.ca

Fair Trade: The FT team increases socially conscious consumers to support small scale farmers/producers and their surrounding community to ultimately accelerate sustainable development, by increasing accessibility to Fair Trade certified products. Reach Chris Chin and Luna Taguchi at ewb.fairtrade@mcgilleus.ca

Fair Trade Corner: The FTC provides affordable and accessible fair trade products, such as fair trade beverages and snacks by donation to the McGill Community in the Frank Dawson Adams building.  Reach Thomas Bahen at ewb.fairtradecorner@mcgilleus.ca

Fundraising: The Invested Partnerships Team is responsible for raising the funds that keep EWB’s African and Canadian Ventures running, through BBQs, rock concerts and everything in between.  Reach Lea Akkari at ewb.fundraising@mcgilleus.ca

Global Engineering: Through Public Outreach and Curriculum Enhancement, we will connect engineers more with the industry and give them the tools they need to be Global Engineers. Reach Jamilla Sunderji at ewb.globalengineering@mcgilleus.ca

Kumvana Fellowship: The Kumvana Program gives to its Fellows an opportunity to network and foster collaborations with Canadian professionals and extraordinary leaders from other African countries.  Reach Jihane Kamil at ewb.external@mcgilleus.ca

Member Learning: The purpose of member learning is to keep our McGill members informed on current international development issues as well as EWB's activities, and to create a space for critical thought and personal development.  Reach Lana Samara at ewb.memberlearning@mcgilleus.ca

Youth Engagement: Collaboration with M.I.N.D. High School to implement a program where we will guide students in the realization of a project that will address the root causes of a social issue they will identify in their community” Reach Jessica Horne at ewb.youthengagement@mcgilleus.ca


NOBE- National organization for business and engineering

The McGill Chapter of NOBE provides engineers the opportunity to take their technical, analytical, and quantitative skills they develop in university into a wide variety of industries. Some of these industries include investment banking, management consulting, and business/management roles in engineering companies. Through workshops, structured networking sessions, and interactive learning seminars with industry professionals, professors, and MBA candidates, NOBE seeks to continuously develop its members to add value to the careers they end up choosing. 


No notion is too big of a commotion for the women in the McGill Faculty of Engineering. So dream big and fear not the restriction, for POWE is here to help discover, mold, support and promote every girl who nestled the ambition to adorn an iron ring. 

POWE’s mentorship program helps seasoned engineers jump-start their journey through engineering.  You can also attend POWE’s innumerable networking sessions, company presentations, roundtable discussions, career building workshops, graduate studies information sessions, recruiter counselling forums and conferences. Be part of POWE’s outreach program and help high school students learn about the many wonders of engineering. POWE encourages your attendance to their many ice cream socials, potluck’s, visits to Montreal attractions and movie screenings.

And boys, before you feel low, you should know, that there’s room for you too! The club and all its services are open to all those who believe that the world could use a couple more girls in hardhats. So help make a difference and find some friends along the way.

If you would like to know more about what we do and how to join, subscribe to the newsletter at


Or you can drop them an email at powemcgill@gmail.com