Take a look at the many events take place all year-long within our Department !   


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This is the legendary trip that every Civie raves about. Within the first month of school, Civil goes on a 3 day trip to a neighbouring city to embark on multiple industry tours, city visits and an overall socially and academically enriching experience. 


Once is a while, Civil holds a chill night at Gerts with a couple of drinks, to celebrate the end of a long week! This mix of young and old Civies all together is always a great time, so make sure you come check it out !

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These nights out are the best times to gather with your civvies and to wine and dine. Attend a fancy dinner with your fellow classmates and get to know them differently! Civies of all years are invited, as well as your professors! After dinner, enjoy dancing the night away with the other Engineering Departments at the afterparty! This banquet happens once in the Fall Semester, and once in the Winter Semester- and they are definitely not to be missed! 


Civil Swag Sale happens every Fall ! It's your chance to stock up on CIVIL SWAG! Sweaters, Crewnecks, Quarterzips, Longsleeves, Shortsleeves, Socks, name it ! We have multiple variations of styles available, so you have the options of having it customized. Make sure to grab your swag before it's too late! 

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Have you heard of Blues Pub? It's the gathering that takes place every Friday from 4-9pm, in the EUS Common Room in McConnell basement. This chill area is transformed based on a changing theme every week, depending on which clubs/committee/department is hosting! It's a great place to stop by and wind down after a hectic week with your fellow engineers!