McGill Civil Engineering students have the opportunity to seek out internships to get hands on experience in their field of interest.

Below are some students reflections on past internship experiences.

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Marie-Claire Hamel - Stantec 

I was working for Stantec in Montreal at the Bureau de Projet Equipements Fixes Métro which is a partnership between STM and Stantec to complete works of fix equipment in the metro. This includes ventilation systems and all buildings that are not stations. It was a construction engineering management related internship and I learned a lot about the applications and what were the outcomes after graduation. I worked with Excel mostly and AutoCAD developping my skills and learning to my own pace. It was a great internship and made me open my eyes about the field.

Jonathan Chan - Imperial Oil 

I worked 16 months as a Project Management Intern for Imperial Oil in Calgary. My team supported the terminals and refineries in Canada and I was responsible for conducting cost estimates for various projects in the $5-$20M range. My projects varied in scope, from high voltage electrical to mechanical, and learned a lot in the process. Cost estimating is a great introductory role, since it gives you exposure to many projects and is a great way to save money for the corporation. Taking a year away from school was a great experience since it helped me understand what I value in my career. It also opened my eyes to the opportunities in the project management discipline and the opportunities outside of civil infrastructure. I have no regrets and encourage all of you to pursue internship opportunities!

Christina Blackwell - MMM/WSP

Working at MMM/WSP for four months this past summer was an incredible learning experience. I worked as a site inspector spending most of my time split between two construction sites that were in the process of installing underground infrastructure. This included water-main, storm water and waste water piping systems. I was able to complete daily inspection reports and attend meetings between clients and their contractors. It was a great way to look into potential future career paths; it gave me a feel for what types of jobs I would really enjoy. It was also very rewarding to see some of the content learned in class being applied to real projects. It helps to re-enforce strategies and tactics learned in class. Overall, gaining work experience is incredibly valuable for when you graduate. It helps build upon the skills that employers are really looking for. Applying for summer jobs during the school year can be stressful and feel overwhelming, but I can promise that it pays off in the long run.